GET FIT and celebrate life


JINDAFIT® is a group fitness workout that is based on African moves, rhythms and music. The workout incorporates high-intensity interval training with dynamic moves, meaning you will boost your endurance and your metabolic rate whilst having fun. You will also build up speed and strength, which keeps the body burning fat long after finishing the workout! When you attend JINDAFIT®, you do not only become more efficient, confident and happy, but you also give back to society, as JINDAFIT® donates 10% of all proceeds to charities which focus on inspiring and providing aid to less fortunate individuals.


JINDAFIT® was founded by Romuald Tchinda. Born in Babadjou Cameroon, Romuald, who goes by the name D’Jack, has always had a passion for music, dance and sport. With years of experience; both as a professional fitness instructor and as a club and event DJ, D’Jack spotted a real niche in the market to blend his passion and his heritage into a fitness workout to create some magic! He derived the name JINDAFIT® from his own family name “Tchinda” which means “faithful servant” in African Mbouda. This reflects not only D’Jack’s dedication to serving people around him but also the ethos of JINDAFIT®.