JINDAFIT® is a full-body dance workout based on African moves and rhythms created by D’Jack Tchinda through many years of experience as a professional fitness instructor and DJ.
The philosophy of JINDAFIT® is to offer a workout for all fitness levels that delivers great results and is also enjoyable.
The workouts are a combination of High Intensity Interval Training for great fitness results and African music and dance moves that will keep your body moving while your mind and soul relax.
JINDAFIT® uses high repetition of moves to further increase strength and optimize fitness.
The JINDAFIT® workout focuses on shoulders, core and hips. By alternating body-weight exercises through dance moves it strengthens muscles, improves agility and mobility. The High
Intensity Interval Training style boosts your metabolic rate and makes the body to burn fat even after finishing the workout.
Getting in shape has never been this fun! The up-tempo African rhythms will let you enjoy the moment and let go of any worries.
JINDAFIT® workouts are fast paced, the short African dance moves are easy to follow and you’re guaranteed of a sweaty workout.
With its origins in African rhythms and solid fitness routines this unique program is a new, simple and different way to shape your body.


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    JINDAFIT® Rimini Wellness Interview 2







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    JINDAFIT® Rimini Wellness Interview 1







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    JINDAFIT® – “The Easiest African Way Of Getting Fit” – Workshop – Teaser for Berlin / Germany







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    JINDAFIT® Choreo – Shekini by P-Square








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    JINDAFIT® La Joie de Vivre – The Joy of Living @ Rimini Wellness 2016








Diet and exercise are essential to good health, happiness, and longevity. JINDAFIT® regularly in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet, will improve your body composition, blood pressure, and cardiovascular health.
It’s essential that you fuel your body properly to get optimal benefits from your workout.
We have designed healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals in partnership with Beijing-based chef, Camila Betin Executive Chef of Factory Fresh Beijing, an avid Jindafitter.
In consultation with Nutritionist & Exercise Physiologist, Stella Chan Marinaro MS, B.Ed., BSc, our meals aim to help you get the most out the workout.
Meet Camila
After 10 years of experience working worldwide as a chef, Camila Betin specialized in creating fit and gourmet recipes that are at the same time nutritious and delicious. Certified by ISSA as a fitness nutrition specialist and fitness trainer, her nutritional coaching program has the main goal of empowering people and training them into a healthier and happier lifestyle.
I’ve started to change my relationship with food around 3 years ago, but before that, as a lot of people, I struggled during years and years with my weight and eating. I did many different diets and lost weight here and there, but always went backwards at my first distraction.
I always paid the gym, but I used to go once every 2 weeks, or so, and the word “diet” for me was synonymous of suffering and not enjoying life in the way I was used to.
It was just when I started seeing food and exercise from another angle that I found my way to a happier and healthier life.
That’s why I’ve decided to start this project. Because I want help people to find this way too. A way that is pleasant and doesn’t mean pain, or giving up on anything.
Nutritional Coaching
“Health coaches educate and support clients to achieve their health goals through behavior adjustments by focusing not only on the food they eat, but also their lifestyle”.
Changing a lifestyle is not simple and giving the first step if hard. My job is to help you to make your health a priority and to achieve long term and sustainable results, both physically and emotionally.
Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy or just get healthy, I will take the time to listen to your concerns, help you discover where and why you are struggling, and help you to figure out exactly what works for your body.
I will help you to implement small changes, little by little, at a pace that’s comfortable for you so you can meet all your health goals.
Nutritional plan for Jindafit Kocha – Special Promotion
1 year of Nutritional Coaching Includes:
*Personalized meal plan tailored to the needs and lifestyle of each kocha.
Every meal is flexible and can be prepared with what you have at home. Rather than a diet, it is an easy guide to help you to nourish your body with the right quantity of energy you need to achieve your best performance at Jindafit classes and in your life.
* New superfood recipes will be provide every month
* Nutritional tips will be sent every 2 months with great advice to help you to keep on track, stay
motivated and understand a bit more about nutrition.
* 1 month of on-line support and accountability (through whatsapp or imessage)
Get in touch with me at any time during the first month of your subscription. It’s a great opportunity to clear all your doubts about nutrition, get help to get over your main struggles and set up your mind to stay focus and achieve your goals.
Price: 200 euros for 1 year of on-line coaching (payment by paypal) To subscribe: cami.nutrition@gmail.com
Camila Betin
Nutritional&Health Coach https://camilabetin6.wixsite.com/nutritionalcoaching ……………………..
Tel: (86) 15652729258
Instagram: @cami.gourmet.fit


We are glad that you have chosen to become apart of the JINDAFIT® family. D’Jack Tchinda founder and managing director of JINDAFIT® has dedicated his life to serving people around him, following the meaning of his name “Tchinda” which means “faithful servant” in African Mbouda and where the name JINDAFIT® is derived from. Through his knowledge of music and fitness he and his team have molded JINDAFIT® into a machine that serves the global community in everyway possible. JINDAFIT® has committed its brand and its lifestyle to inspiring less fortunate indivuals around the world to live healthy and purpose driven lives

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