GET FIT and celebrate life

Join our growing family of Kochas (instructors) and be the part of something beautiful! Each year, we train more and more Kochas to spread la joie de vivre in Beijing and around the world!


Come join us in person or online for two days of fun, fitness, theory, nutrition and personal growth and so something for YOU this year. Not only will you learn many of our choreographies, but also learn how to deliver them to your future students safely and you will develop an understanding of how they work the body for that full body workout. 


The African rhythms and enthusiastic JINDAFIT® KOCHAs generates the success of JINDAFIT® full body dance workout by:

  • Creating an inspiring atmosphere. Spread the positive energy of JINDAFIT® – la joie de vivre: get fit & celebrate life!
  • Making participants to dance their way to a shaped body and relaxed mind without even feeling it!
  • Guiding participants to reach their fitness goals and gain self-esteem! 
  • Keeping up the JINDAFIT® la joie de vivre atmosphere.

If you are interested in becoming a Kocha, contact us directly on